QPhotonics lab participates in an outreach event

QPhotonics lab takes part in the European Researches’ Night. We talked, we laughed, we explained how Quantum Technologies can change the world we live in.

..and yes we had many questions to answer!… the optical fibers we use are the same optical fibers that are used to give internet access…

How to encrypt QuantEra?

Do you find Quantum Cryptography to be relevant for you everyday activities?

Well we don’t know…..tell us more about it.

Do you find it import that your emails and personal messages cannot be read by total strangers?

Ah….that is what it does. YES! it very important!

Hyper-entanglement from ultra-bright photon pair sources

We will fabricate and exploit an entirely novel photonic device platform for the generation of highly indistinguishable and entangled photon pairs with near-unity extraction efficiency.

The envisioned implementation consists of a quantum dot embedded in engineered photonic environment. We predict that this device will generate very high rate of polarization entangled photons pairs and, in combination with time-bin entanglement, hyper-entangled quantum states.

Last but not the least, we will investigate the performance of this device in both free space and fibre based quantum networks, getting therefore closer to the establishment of an operating quantum system for real-life quantum communication.